The story of ditta Anfuso begins in the Forties, when the founder opens the first shop in the heart of Motta Sant’Anastasia, in Catania. From the beginning, the company is specialized in the retailing of hardware, paint and plumbing products. Four generations of the Anfuso family help in the growth and the development of the company, which is why it is now characterized by a strong spirit of innovation that never oppose the continuity of the family tradition.

The Seventies see the passage of the company from retailing to wholesale. These are years of rapid transformation: in just ten years ditta Anfuso become leader in its sector, expanding the supply and extending the web of sales in all Sicily and Calabria.

Between so much changes and evolutions, there is always a permanent feature: the quality of the products. That is why the company starts collaborations with the most trustworthy brands, in Italy and in the rest of the world, expanding the range of the supplied products. A part from the traditional distribution of hardware and construction items, today ditta Anfuso provide a large range of products, from gardening tools to electricity and household products, from agriculture tools to air-conditioning and furniture.

All this was possible thanks to a great company structure, which helps to be able to recognize every opportunity of the technological progress and of the digital revolution, while mantaining a costant passion for the work.


Anfuso in numbers


20.000 mq.

12.000 products

50 our employees

20 sales agents

2.000 clients

600 suppliers, with 150 abroad